Politicians debate illegal  immigration yet ignore rampant fraud within the LEGAL immigration system. 

Exposing government incompetence

& lax homeland security


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Resources for Marriage Fraud Victims

This is not an endorsement for any of these groups or services. I have worked with many of them during my years of education and advocacy, and they have developed an expertise in dealing with our types of cases.

Forensic Consultants and/or Private Investigators

CSI Consulting and Investigations LLC
John N. Sampson, CEO 

C.V.: Retired deportation officer; former immigration inspector, special agent, criminal investigator, and detention enforcement officer. Attended Thomas M. Cooley Law School (Lansing MI); Was primary immigration law instructor for immigration officers, and taught continuing legal edication  for practicing immigration attorneys.  Works with clients nationally; Specialties in marriage fraud & false allegation/VAWA fraud.
57181 East 24th Avenue
Strasburg, CO 80136
Office: 303-622-4077  
Web: www.CSIInvestigations.vpweb.com

Elena Garrett
(specializes in gathering overseas documents for Ukranian and Russian cases)


Victims Groups

Unites States of America (U.S.A.)

Victims of Immigration Fraud - VOIF
(lobbying organization)

United Kingdom (U.K.)


Canada: FraudMarriage.com or StopMarriageFraud.ca