How Could a Domestic-Violence Law Become so Contentious?

Because it Affects National Security

Fast-Tracked Green Cards for Anyone Claiming Abuse including Criminals & Security Risks

September 2018: The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is up for reauthorization. The law sunsets every five years.

VAWA in its present form issues fast-tracked green cards to any any foreign spouse claiming emotional or physical abuse; No evidence, interviews or investigations are required   setting up a clear incentive for fraud. A simple, unsubstantiated allegation of abuse allows foreigners to bypass background checks and bar criminal evidence from the immigration process.

The ability to bypass background checks in the VAWA process has not only promoted fraud, but national security risks.  By allowing a designated social work unit to make immigration and national security decisions, criminals and security threats hijacked the process. The F.B.I. contacted whistleblower Elena Maria Lopez in late 2016 about a cluster of VAWA cases whereby foreign brides were specifically targeting active military personnel with high-level security clearances in such scams.

The White House was equally concernedabout this trend in 2018 when Lopez personally presented such cases in June and September 2018.

Americans have faced false allegations of abuse in local courts -- not understanding they were falsely accused simply because someone wanted to legalize their immigration status. When Americans have discovered the basis for false allegations, they've been legally barred from submitting evidence proving their innocence to immigration authorities.

These are not victimless crimes: Americans have lost jobs, security clearances, child custody and their standing in their communities based on false allegations made for the sake of a green card. Others have been forced to launch costly legal defenses to prove their innocence in local courts, not understanding the incentives for such allegations until they were deeply in debt.

The U visa, also part of VAWA, issues fast-tracked green cards to any froeigner claimig to be a crime victim. Once again, no evidence, interviews or investigations required. This special visa was initially justified as a temporary visa to help law enforcement temporarily keep foreigners in the country that were vital to pending trials. The U visa in its present forms does not require any charges to be filed, no pending trials and has morphed into a path to U.S. citizenship.

Pending Ideas for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

In light of congress' push to pass immigration legislation, I'll be drafting suggested changes to current law in the days ahead. To put the wishes of foreign nationals before those of U.S. citizens and national security interests is downright irresponsible. 

I'll be focusing on

1) closing existing waivers that get foreign nationals out of a two-year marriage requirement (a requirement enacted by congress in 1986 to root out fraud);

2) fast-tracked green cards based on unsubstantiated, uninvestigated allegations of abuse;

3) waivers to "inadmissibility" based on criminal activities, prostitution, false statements;

4) the ability of U.S. citizens to nullify financial support obligations when a finding of fraud;

​5) the ability of U.S. citizens to engage in immigration fraud investigations and the immigration process;

​6) the ability of U.S. citizens to trigger an automatic fraud investigation from the federal immigration bureaucracy;

​7) extend the same protections and taxpayer-funded programs to citizen domestic violence victims (only currently available to foreign-nationals)

8) initiate the fast-tracked deportation of abusive foreign spouses;

9) providing warning, guidance and protections to Americans seeking to start the immigration process for a foreign national (such as offered in Canada to warn of fraud);

​10) a longer marriage requirement with rare exceptions/waivers for marriage-based green cards (being extended in other countries to root out fraud);

​11) extend the 90-day fiancé visa to 180 days; and

​12) provide financial reimbursement to American spouses defrauded through marriage fraud (from the foreign spouses);

13) a financial penalty for the immigration bureaucracy if American citizens excluded from the immigration process or credible requests for fraud investigations ignored.

Please stay tuned for proposed changed.

-Elena Maria Lopez

(citizen advocate & immigration fraud whistle blower)

Make Two (2) Calls!!

The House and Senate Judiciary committees will each be introducing their own version of VAWA in September; Call both committees to demand anti-fraud provisions  in their version!

Rep. Bob Goodlatte

(Chairman, HouseJudiciary)

(202) 225-3951  Judic. Comm. office

(202) 225-5431  House office

Senator Chuck Grassley

(Chairman, Senate Judiciary)

(202) 224-5225  Judic. Comm. office

(202) 224-3744  Senate office

(515) 288-1145  (for Iowa residents)

Feeling motivated?!

CALL your own U.S. Senators and U.S. Representative!!

(Click office for phone & contact info)


  • COMBAT FRAUD - Require convictions for alleged victims filing for VAWA green cards & U visas.
  • DUE PROCESS - Require immigration investigators to interview Americans accused of abuse; Require Americans' evidence to be included in VAWA & U visa processes.
  • NOT AN AMNESTY - Don't let VAWA or U visas waive fraud, criminal activities or  inadmissibility.
  • INVESTIGATE - Require local immigration offices to investigate VAWA and U visa applications -- not social work units without investigative training.

Exposing government incompetence

&   lax homeland security

Politicians debate illegal  immigration yet ignore rampant fraud within the LEGAL immigration system.