Bypass vetting & get a quick green card by claiming emotional or physical abuse.

  • Evidence required: None
  • Interviews required: None
  • Investigations required: None
  • Any adverse evidence proving criminal activities & fraud: Barred
  • Incentives for fraud: High
  • Success rate: 75 - 85 %
  • Bonus: U.S. taxpayers pay legal fees, housing, immigration filings
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These are just some of the ways to "amnesty" an illegal or fraudulent status:

  • Claim to be a crime victim for fast-tracked green card (U Visa)
  • Claim American spouse emotionally or physically abused you (VAWA -- or the Violence Against Women Act)
  • Get immigration officials to bar criminal activities, evidence or records from immigration proceedings (VAWA, U Visa or T Visa)
  • "Get Out of Jail Free" Card: Marry an American (The Fraud Waiver)
  • Illegal and Need to Fix Your Status?
    (The U Visa, VAWA, 245(i) provisions)
U.S. Senate visa fraud hearing (March 15, 2017)
  • NOT  illegal immigration
  • Considered more dangerous than illegal immigration: It allows dubious individuals to gain legitimate documents, U.S. passports, and legal access to the country
  • When a foreigner acquires a LEGAL  immigration status (known as a “green card”) through dubious or fraudulent means
  • ​A perfect way to legalize a temporary visa or illegal status
  • Rarely investigated: Overwhelmed with rampant fraud, government employees ignore the majority of cases reported
  • ​​Fraudsters rarely engage in just ONE type of fraud: Marriage cases may also involve financial fraud, false statements, false identities, false documents & hiding criminal activities
  • NOT a victimless crime: It puts Americans and the nation's security at risk
  • People of every race, ethnicity, political affiliation and sexual orientation are targeted through immigration fraud scams
  • Naturalized U.S. citizens and first-generation Americans are just as likely to be victimized

They Already Exist

Whistleblowers Expose  Dangerous Immigration Loopholes

"After filing for the divorce, my husband became abusive toward our children and threatened to take them back to the Czech Republic if I did not sponsor him for his green card ... Facing deportation for marriage fraud, a charge leveled by the federal government, my husband, a former professional hockey player, at 6’2” tall and over 200 lbs., self petitioned as a battered and abused spouse."

- Julie Poner on her husband's successful immigration application (U.S. Senate hearing, 2011)

"The Abuse of VAWA: How False Accusations of Abuse Facilitate Fraud and Garner Green Cards"(Poner's Townhall  opinion piece)

Pretend to be a crime victim -- any crime.

  • Evidence required: None
  • Success rate: unknown
  • Bonus: California requires taxpayers to foot immigration & legal bills

"... my fiancée indicated that she did not need me any more to get her green card and boasted that she can get it quicker in other ways. I thought she was joking ... During this time, my family in Pakistan has been harassed and threatened by her father and brothers. One of her brothers threatened to kidnap my niece.."

Sunset, Review, Revoke, RE-Fund 

Congress Warned of Widespread Fraud

White House Warned of National Security Risks


- Dr. Jamal Hussain; Naturalized U.S. citizen defrauded by Pakistani fiancée

(U.S. Senate Judiciary testimony, 2017)

  • SUNSET - "VAWA" green cards & U visas need to "sunset" (expire) like previous versions of the law.
  • REVIEW - Let immigration policy experts review or renew these green cards through the Border Security and Immigration Subcommittee; Social work advocates lack expertise.
  • REVOKE - Allow homeland security investigators to revoke fraudulent green cards, including those issued by social work units. 
  • RE-FUND - Increase domestic-violence funding to protect all abuse victims; Stop diverting limited domestic-violence funds to provide free, taxpayer-funded immigration lawyers; Stop funding nonprofit immigration advocacy organizations perpetuating fraud.

other Senate Judiciary members

Pending Legislation Ignores Loopholes

  1. NO evidence, interviews, investigations required
  2. Bypass vetting
  3. Criminal activities & fraud waived
  4. Social workers making homeland security decisions

Americans Legally, Financially, Physically Victimized

"A few minutes later, I was looking down the barrel of a rifle ...  I hired a retired FBI special agent as a private investigator. ...I figured if we clearly documented that Erik was inadmissible to get a green card in the first place, involved in criminal activities, lied on immigration forms, tried to kill me, repeatedly threatened me, and committed marriage fraud, the feds would have to do something.  I was wrong."

-Elena Maria Lopez; Defrauded & almost killed by Dutch husband (U.S. Senate hearing, 2017)


Foreign criminals successfully bypassed background checks, investigations and interviews to gain U.S. citizenship and  green cards, warned immigration fraud whistleblowers at a White House meeting.

After fraudulently gaining green cards through such loopholes, these foreign nationals immediately married military personnel with high-level security clearances.

The FBI was so concerned with such cases that it reached out to an American whistle blower last year about the cases.

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Fraudulently claiming crime-victim status leads to fast-tracked green cards and U.S. citizenship:

Politicians debate illegal  immigration yet ignore rampant fraud within the LEGAL immigration system. 

Immigration Fraud

Demand Fixes 

No Amnesties? Wrong

FBI reached out to whistleblower about a cluster of national security cases tied to loopholes

  • false identities
  • forged documents
  • hiding criminal activities
  • fraudulent work visas
  • false statements & lying on immigration forms
  • sham marriages & bigamy
  • falsely claiming crime-victim status
  • falsely claiming American spouse  abused you

Exposing government incompetence

&   lax homeland security


What is Fraud?

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