- Dr. Jamal Hussain

(March 15, 2017 U.S. Senate Judiciary testimony)

California cardiologist; Naturalized U.S. citizen defrauded by Pakistani fiancée


Background: Types of Fraud

  • Document
  • Immigration benefit
  • Marriage
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  • U visa
  • Family-related
  • Bigamy
  • Dependents & children
  • Business
  • H1-B
  • Investor
  • Employment
  • False documents
  • Asylum & refugee

  • Immigration fraud is  NOT  illegal immigration.
  • Fraud is when a foreigner acquires a LEGAL  immigration status (known as a “green card”) through dubious or fraudulent means.
  • ​A perfect way to turn a temporary visa or illegal status into a green card.
  • Considered more dangerous than illegal immigration since it allows dubious individuals to gain legitimate documents and legal access to the country
  • Rarely investigated: Overwhelmed with rampant fraud, government employees ignore the majority of cases reported.
  • ​Fraudsters rarely engage in just ONE type of fraud: A marriage fraud case may also involve financial fraud, false statements, false identities, false documents and hiding criminal activities.

American Fraud Victims Warn Congress

They already exist

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Politicians debate illegal  immigration yet ignore rampant fraud within the LEGAL immigration system. 

What is Fraud?

  • Elena Maria Lopez is a whistle blower, citizen lobbyist and advocate. She set up this site in 2004 to provide credible information, data and resources to journalists, policymakers and victims.

Bypass vetting & get a quick green card by claiming emotional or physical abuse.

  • Evidence required: None. 
  • Interviews required: None.
  • Investigations: None.
  • Any adverse evidence proving criminal activities/fraud: Barred
  • Incentives for fraud: High.
  • Success rate: 75 - 85 %
  • Bonus: U.S. taxpayers pay legal fees, housing, immigration filings

Pretend to be a domestic violence victim.

  • Evidence required: None.
  • Success rate:: 75 - 85%
  • Bonus: Govt. pays for own defrauding by paying your legal fees

Exposing government incompetence

&   lax homeland security


Laws & regulations

  • Problems in existing laws
  • Changing current laws
  • What victims can do

Data & research



Ways to hide criminal activities -- or "amnesty" an illegal or fraudulent status:

  • Claim to be a crime victim for fast-tracked green card (U Visa)
  • Claim American spouse emotionally or physically abused you (VAWA -- or the Violence Against Women Act)
  • Marry an American (fraud waiver)
  • Get immigration officials to bar criminal activities, evidence from immigration proceedings (VAWA, U Visa or T Visa)
U.S. Senate visa fraud hearing (March 15, 2017)

Pretend to be a crime victim -- any crime.

  • Evidence required: None.
  • Success rate: unknown
  • Bonus: California requires taxpayers to foot immigration & legal bills

"... my fiancée indicated that she did not need me any more to get her green card
and boasted that she can get it quicker in other ways. I thought she was joking ...
During this time, my family in Pakistan has been harassed and threatened by her father and brothers. One of her brothers threatened to kidnap my niece.."