Politicians debate illegal  immigration yet ignore rampant fraud within the LEGAL immigration system. 

  • Immigration fraud is  NOT  illegal immigration.
  • Fraud is when a foreigner acquires a LEGAL immigration status (known as a “green card”) through dubious or fraudulent means.
  • A perfect way to turn a temporary visa or illegal status into a green card.
  • Rarely investigated: Overwhelmed with rampant fraud, government employees ignore the majority of cases reported.

Laws & regulations

  • Problems in existing laws
  • Changing current laws
  • What victims can do

Data & research


  • Think tanks
  • Private investigators
  • Victims groups

Quick & Common Path to a Green Card:  Marry an American

  • Only short-term marriage required
  • Warnings of 20-50% fraud rates, yet  1%  investigated

Even Faster: Claim Abuse--Any Type

To legally immigrate into the United States, a foreigner must have:

  • A special job skill in high demand
  • Face serious political or religious persecution in their home country
  • Be an immediate relative of a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident (a “green card” holder)

Immigration fraud involves lying about any of these criteria in order to get into the United States -- or legally stay in the United States if already here.

Senate Hearing: K-1 Fiancé(e) Visa Fraud

"... my fiancée indicated that she did not need me any more to get her green card
and boasted that she can get it quicker in other ways. I thought she was joking ...
During this time, my family in Pakistan has been harassed and threatened by her father and brothers. One of her brothers threatened to kidnap my niece.."


- Dr. Jamal Hussain

(March 15, 2017 U.S. Senate Judiciary testimony)

California cardiologist; Naturalized U.S. citizen defrauded by Pakistani fiancée

Bypass vetting & get a quick green card by claiming emotional or physical abuse.

  • Evidence required: None.
  • Success rate: 75 - 85 %
  • Bonus: U.S. govt. pays  legal fees

Site Map


Background: Types of Fraud

  • Document
  • Immigration benefit
  • Marriage
  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)
  • U visa
  • Family-related
  • Bigamy
  • Dependents & children
  • Business
  • H1-B
  • Investor
  • Employment & false documents
  • Asylum & refugee

Pretend to be a crime victim -- any crime.

  • Evidence required: None.
  • Success rate: unknown
  • Bonus: California requires taxpayers to foot immigration & legal bills

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Site Author

Elena Maria Lopez, a former political journalist and financial writer, started this site after finding herself in a violent "green-card marriage."  Desperate to find good information on the immigration process and marriage fraud, she set up the site to fill a void.

While many of the initial people contacting Lopez were victims, she soon had high-ranking members of congress, the Department of Homeland Security, the F.B.I., think tanks, attorneys and journalists contacting her for data, research and national security trends.

“I figured if we clearly documented that Erik was inadmissible to get a green card in the first place, involved in criminal activities, lied on immigration forms, tried to kill me, repeatedly threatened me and committed marriage fraud, the feds would have to do something. I was wrong."


- Elena Maria Lopez

(March 15, 2017 U.S. Senate Judiciary testimony)

U.S. citizen attacked and defrauded by Dutch husband;  New Jersey resident and former journalist

Exposing government incompetence

& lax homeland security


Elena Maria Lopez's U.S. Senate testimony

U.S. Government Ignoring Rampant Fraud