Exposing government incompetence

& lax homeland security


Although two-thirds of legal immigration is “chain migration,” most of that stems from short-term marriages to U.S. citizens.

  • Short-term marriages account for 29 percent of ALL legal immigration. (DHS data)
  • That’s the equivalent of refugees, asylum recipients, diversity lottery and employment-based immigrants combined. (DHS data)

Many “family reunification” connections are tenuous, at best.

  • ·A 51 percent fraud rate on approved marriage-based green cards was discovered by DHS investigators when conducting random site checks. (DHS report, 2011)
  • Only 1 percent of green-card marriages are investigated. (DHS data)
  • Half of all immigration fraud cases involve marriage fraud. (GAO)
  • Marriage fraud is so common that it’s the only type of benefit fraud tracked separately by the DHS. (GAO) 


National Security Risk

Politicians debate illegal  immigration yet ignore rampant fraud within the LEGAL immigration system. 

Fake Marriages Used to Bypass Background Checks, Hide Criminal Activities

As congress and the president push to close dangerous immigration loopholes and target “chain migration,” the single-largest way into the United States remains untouched under current legislative proposals: Short-terms marriages – even fraudulent ones -- provide quick green cards and U.S. citizenship.

From the 1993 World Trade Center bombing to the 2015 San Bernardino terror attack, marriage remains a key way that foreign criminals and terrorists gain permanent access to the country.

  • Marrying an American is the most common way to “fix” an illegal or temporary status in the United States.
  • Loopholes and waivers allow immigrants to bypass regular background checks and hide criminal or fraudulent activities.[iii] After bypassing such checks, some foreigners quickly re-marry active U.S. military personnel or Americans with high-level security clearances.
  • U visas (crime victim), T visas (trafficking victim) and the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) domestic violence provisions provide fast-tracked green cards based on uninvestigated, unsubstantiated abuse or crime allegations.
  • These also provide “inadmissibility waivers,” whereby criminal activities (such as voluntary prostitution, criminal activities, false statements, etc.) and fraud are overlooked in the green-card process.
  • Once obtaining marriage-based green cards, foreigners can immediately sponsor others into the country -- including new foreign spouses.

Nothing has changed in current law to close or tighten these loopholes, and immigration fraud is not a victimless crime.

Such fraud rarely targets just Democrats, Republicans or U.S.-born American citizens. Americans of every race, ethnicity, political affiliation, gender and sexual orientation have been scammed for a quick green card while our laws, politicians and bureaucracy did little to protect them or their interests.