Politicians debate illegal  immigration yet ignore rampant fraud within the LEGAL immigration system. 

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Immigration fraud is common since many foreigners would not qualify for legal immigration to the United States without 1) having special, high-demand job skills, 2) having immediate family that could sponsor them, or 3) validly claim that their government persecuted them.
Congressional investigators regularly warn that  immigration fraud rates are through the roof -- even after anti-fraud laws and provisions are implemented.
High-level immigration officials think immigration "benefit fraud" is far more dangerous than when immigrants use fake documents to work. (INS general counsel testimony)
Fraud investigators are overwhelmed and have a track record of turning down cases in order to keep their active investigative rates low. They don't want to take on cases they don't have time to investigate. (congressional testimony)

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While fleeing for my life and trying to prepare for pending court and immigration proceedings, I found myself researching the immigration process and immigration law in a hurry. As a journalist and a born researcher, it's how I coped with my marriage being a sham and my life literally falling apart overnight.

Desperate to find out what was happening to me, I became obsessed with research around immigration fraud -- especially the most common type of immigration fraud: marriage fraud. I had no idea at the time, but I was in the throws of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) -- a common result of war, violence and other traumatic events -- and trying to understand the problem of immigration fraud was my way of coping.

This page includes much  of what I've discovered. I update it as new reports become available. If you need help finding or breaking down specific data sets, feel free to contact me.

-Elena Maria Lopez

Need help finding or breaking down specific data sets?

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